Ambiani is a project-based contractor providing project management and engineering consultancy services for a very diverse portfolio of clients. Mainly focussing on hydraulics and cryogenics from a strong mechanical background, Ambiani helps you visualise, engineer, design and manage your innovations.




Ambiani was established by Peter Herman in 2014.


Peter started his professional carreer as a student in 2005, when he helped the young company dohmeyer develop its first line of cryogenic equipment consisting of freezing cabinets, snow horns and later cryogenic tunnels. From 2009 he lead the engineering department and expanded the industrial product range with spiral freezers, cryorolls, CO2 injection systems and tumblers, as well as developing a range of pharma and laboratory cryogenic systems. He joined the Bosch group in 2013 to introduce 3D design techniques at the engineering department of the Belgian hydraulics branch BoschRexroth, where he started managing civil works projects in 2015.


Ambiani was founded on request of former collegues, competitors and clients in 2014 as a small side business offering engineering services and consultancy. It grew to a full-time activity in 2016, managing projects for clients like BoschRexroth and ArcelorMittal.


From very large and complex, heavy industry construction sites to short lead-time and very urgent smaller assignments, we are able to support our clients in a leading project management or technical / conceptual consulting role.